AYA Model 400 Spanish proof marks

Spanish proof marks from my 1960 AYA Model 400 (precursor of the model 4) 12-bore SxS.

Barrel flats:

AyA Model 400 barrel flats

AyA Model 400 barrel flats

Left to right:

  1. F*1 = Spanish date code for 1960
  2. Lion over AYA in circle = AYA house mark
  3. ‘X’ in shield under plumed helmet = received at Eibar proof house
  4. ‘2’ superimposed over crossed longarms = definitive proof for double-barrelled breechloading shotguns
  5. ’12-70′ in cartouche= bore/gauge-chamber length in mm (12 appears to have been re-struck over earlier mis-strike of 16)
  6. ‘BP’ over small cartouche, in shield = compulsory smokeless proof of breech loading smoothbores
  7. ‘CH’ in shield superimposed over crossed swords = supplementary ** smokeless proof of breech loading smoothbores
  8. 900KGS = proof pressure (standard)

** I do not think that this is the same ‘supplementary’ proof as in a UK, magnum-proofed gun (stamped two crowns over SUP). 900KGS is normal, non-magnum pressure.

Action flats:

Spanish proof marks action flat

Marks as above.

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2 Responses to AYA Model 400 Spanish proof marks

  1. Paul says:

    Hi I’ve bought a ugartechea 12 it has nearly all the same marks and chambers are 70 mm would this be nitro proofed thanks

    • Nigel says:

      Eric, modern Spanish guns are automatically subject to nitro proof. The gun should be marked something like 900kg, which is the proof pressure. Note that it is highly unlikely to be steel shot proofed and should only be used with lead shot. I have a Ugartechea .410 side-by-side and it’s a lovely little gun with surprisingly nice woodwork.

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