Brigade of Gurkhas VCs – Lt. John Adam Tytler – 10 February 1858

Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross

One of a series of posts concerning Gurkha recipients of the Victoria Cross, each of which will appear on the anniversary of the action leading to the award.

Recipient: Lt. John Adam Tytler

Unit: 66th Bengal (Ghoorkha) Native Infantry (Later 1st Gurkha Rifles)

Date: 10th February 1858

Engagement: Indian Mutiny

Citation: On the attacking parties approaching the enemy’s position under a heavy fire of round shot, grape, and musketry, on the occasion of the Action at Choorpoorah, on the 10th February last, Lieutenant Tytler dashed on horse-back ahead of all, and alone, up to the enemy’s guns, where he remained engaged hand to hand, until they were carried by us; and where he was shot through the left arm, had a spear wound in his chest, and a ball through the right sleeve of his coat.

(Letter from Captain C. C. G. Ross, Commanding 66th (Goorkha) Regiment, to Captain Brownlow, Major of Brigade, Kemaon Field Force.)

London Gazette: no. 22176, p.3903: (24th August 1858)

Subsequent career: continued military career in British Indian Army, retiring as Brigadier General. Died 1880.

Gen. John Adam Tytler

Gen. John Adam Tytler

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