Miroku M500 proof marks

Miroku M500 proof marks (20-bore SxS)

Proof marks on a Miroku M500 20-bore SxS (Japanese original plus British (London) proof)

Via the magic of Photoshop, the various proof markings are separated out below.

M500 Japanese proof marks

Japanese proof marks only

Circular mark above serial number = Miroku house symbol
410677= Serial number
SP in circle surmounted by ‘horns’ over NP = Japanese nitro proof (see below)
20 = bore/gauge
MOD/FC = choke (Modified (1/2)/Full)
75M/M = Chamber length in mm (3″)

London proof marks only

London proof marks only

Crown over R = Reproof (although this is the first proof in the UK of this weapon).
Two crowns over SUP = Supplementary proof (1200 bar) for 3″ cartridge
76mm = Chamber length (3″)
20 in diamond = bore/gauge
Arm with scimitar over NP = London nitro proof
15.6 = Internal bore diameter in mm
LP over 09 = London proof, 2009

Miroku side-by-side Project – collecting Miroku SxS data, please add data if you can!

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