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Latest photo: the kukri collection, with new Perspex display stands.

NU's kukri collection

NU’s kukri collection

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  1. Keith Epperson says:

    I was looking for some information on where the name “Utting” came from – specifically how Utting siding became “Utting” siding. I found your story on Charles Utting and found it interesting. I lived on a rance at Utting siding from 1962-1971, and my parents remained there until around 1980. We had houses on both sides of the tracks, and our church was and farm shop were on the NE side of the tracks. We crossed that siding many times daily, as the cultivated land straddled the highway and tracks. The farm had 11,000 acres – although only about 4000 was under cultivation.
    At our peak, we had about 125 people living there. At the time it was officially called the Arizona Western Ranches, everyone knew it as “that church farm”. I have very fond memories group up there. I went to grade school in a one room school (all 8 grades) in Bouse. After graduating the 8th grade in Bouse, I went to high school in Salome Arizona for 4 years. I visited the old place a couple of years ago and you would never know it as a bustling community at one time.

    • Nigel says:

      Keith, thanks for the contact. Fascinating that you lived at Utting Siding! I have uncovered another document which says that Charles Utting did well in business and owned land at what is now Utting Siding. He was a supporter of the railroad and donated that land for railroad use – hence I suspect it was named Utting Siding after the owner. I passed though Bouse a couple of years ago – it’s now a very quiet place. Do you have any photos of Arizona Western Ranches from when you lived there? regards,

  2. Keith Epperson says:

    Hi Nigel,
    I don’t think I have any photos. I’m sure my mom may have a few, but they would just be family photo’s and probably not interesting at all. I’ll see if I can find some then next time I visit thier home. I will tell we never referred to it as “Utting Siding” – just “Utting”. And actually, it was referred to as “The Church Farm” more than it was “Utting”. It was in fact a siding (a railroad siding) and rhere was a time when we shipped our cotton out via the rails. The property is no owned by APS (Arizona Public Service). My dad thought they might have some photos of the place that they may have taken when they were negotiating the purchase. APS purchased the property from the church somewhere around the mid 80’s. I believe they purchased it for the water rights only. No one has ever lived there nor has it been under cultivation since the bought it. I will see if I can contact the the public relations office of APS and see if they might have some good photos..
    Keith Epperson

  3. george says:

    I tried to email new pics but they came back when your box said full.Let me know when its ok and I will try again.

  4. Neil Goodwin says:

    Hello and hoping you can help.
    I recently purchased a 12G Browning 325SL o/u with 27.5 inch (70cm) barrels and Invector Chokes from a guy that had moved to Australia from South Africa.
    The barrel markings show that it was made in Japan in 1990 (NM).
    Also on the barrels, after the model marking is “BROWNING SA” Can you please tell me what this means?

    Kind Regards


    • Nigel says:

      Hi Neil, ‘SA’ after a company name is an abbreviation for ‘Société Anonyme’. It is typically used in so-called ‘civil law countries’ (generally those countries without a historical connection to the UK (which is a so-called ‘common law country’.)) A Société Anonyme is the equivalent of a public limited company in a common law jurisdiction. Google ‘Société Anonyme’ for more info. I have a Miroku Model 500 20-bore SxS and a Miroku Mk70 12-bore O/U; both are good guns. Nigel.

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