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1940s, bone-handled, fighting kukri

(This post originally appeared under the title: “1940s, bone-handled, woman’s kukri”.) As mentioned elsewhere, I saw an interesting bone-handled kukri in a local antique shop and made a note to go back and buy it at a later date, finances permitting. … Continue reading

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Beautiful, officer-grade ‘lion’s head’ kukri

A response to an earlier post from a blog reader and old friend led to discussion of a kukri donated to that friend in the early 1950s by a former Indian Army officer. On retirement from the service, the officer … Continue reading

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K. B. Thakuri & Sons WW2-era kukri

My father having spent part of WW2 attached to 4th Indian Division, and having acquired a detachment of Gurkhas to watch his back while he was flash-spotting and sound-ranging for the artillery, the concept of the kukri is very familiar … Continue reading

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