Fruit & veg 2013

After a winter when the veg patch was muddier than the Somme, the ground has finally dried out but also compacted like concrete. Prior to the new years’s veg planting I have had to completely dig over the plot again, which has been quite tough going. However, the soil conditioner and well-rotted horse manure which I added last autumn have considerably improved the ground’s quality.

Veg patch - May 2013

Veg patch – May 2013

Nothing showing yet, but I have planted potatoes, onions, parsnips and Brussels sprouts. Tomato, pea, cucumber and aubergine plants have so far avoided the attentions of the slugs.

Fruit trees - May 2013

Fruit trees – May 2013

The apple, pear and plum trees all managed to flower and set fruit without succumbing to recent wind and rain. Looks like it might be a good harvest this year.

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