Word of the Week: Discrepant

Discrepant (adj.): disagreeing, at odds with, inconsistent, that which constitutes a discrepancy.

Some time ago I came across the blog of Prof. Matt Strassler (“Of Particular Significance“), a theoretical physicist, who writes fascinating articles on particle physics, regularly commenting on the results of the Large Hadron Collider experiments and developing areas such as the Higgs Particle.

Fascinating articles? Theoretical physics? I hear you ask. Strassler’s strong suit is clearly explaining complex subjects, so that even if you can’t follow the theory – and much of his writing is waaaaay beyond my comprehension, – you still feel it’s worth reading on.

Nor is Strassler afraid of criticising where criticism is due; journalists who reduce complex topics to meaningless pap get short shrift.

And any physicist who uses the word ‘discrepant‘ gets my vote.

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